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Marijuana Possession Charges in Madison NJ

One of the most common charges litigated in the Madison Joint Municipal Court is the possession of marijuana under 50 grams. It is a huge misconception to think that possessing marijuana is a low level offense or an offense that carries rather insignificant penalties.  If a Defendant is convicted of possessing marijuana in Madison or elsewhere in New Jersey, they are facing up to six (6) months in the Morris County Jail, a $1,000 fine, probation, community service, fees and assessments totaling approximately $800, rehab, criminal record and a two year loss of your driving privileges. As you can tell the penalties are rather significant.

Image result for marijuanaTherefore, if you or a loved one has been charged with a violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10(a)4 (ie possession of marijuana) in Madison, it is imperative that you seek the assistance of experienced drug possession lawyer. Often times drug possession cases, whether it be possession of marijuana, heroin, cocaine or even prescription drugs like Oxycontin or Xanax stem from some form of a search. Whenever a search is involved it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can attack the search during a suppression hearing and if successful, the charges may be outright dismissed. In addition, depending on the facts of your case and your prior criminal history, if no search issue exists and experienced attorney may be able to convince the prosecution and the Jude that you deserve the opportunity to participate in the conditional discharge program. The conditional discharge program is a diversionary program that if completed successfully would leave the Defendant without a criminal record. For more information on the conditional discharge program, please checkout our practice series by clicking here

Marijuana Possession Lawyer in Madison NJ

The Law Office of The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has been representing clients charged with possessing marijuana in the Madison Joint Municipal Court for over a decade. Our office has eight Madison Municipal Court defense lawyers on staff, making our office one of the largest criminal defense firms in the State let alone Morris County. If you have been charged with a drug offense like marijuana possession, cocaine distribution or even possession of heroin with the intent to distribute and would like to come into our office to discuss your options then please contact us directly at 973-309-7050. Our attorneys are available 24/7 to help assist in any way possible. We fully understand that time is of the essence and that these types of charges can cause significant stress.