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Our team of skilled attorneys includes former County and Municipal Prosecutors with over 100 years combined experience and is available to assist you immediately.

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Hanover DWI Attorney

If you were among the over 100 drivers charged with DWI in Hanover NJ in the last twelve months, you need to hire an attorney immediately. A primary reason is since there is a directive that your DUI offense be concluded within sixty days of the arrest. This does not give you much time to prepare especially when you consider the high stakes involved. A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (e.g. marijuana, prescription pain medication, etc.) will cost you thousands of dollars and result in a license suspension of up to 12 months for a first offense, 2 years for a second offense and 10 years for a third or subsequent offense. Our firm, Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver is not only possesses the largest DWI defense team in the state but also includes numerous former prosecutors and attorneys who exceptionally trained in this area of law. Five of our defense lawyers are among the 50 or so in the state who are certified on the Draeger Alcotest 7110 breathalyzer and three are even qualified as instructors in field sobriety testing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a credential held by less than 8 in the state. An attorney who knows what it takes to successfully defend a Hanover DWI is available immediately at (973) 309-7050 or to discuss your case online. Initial consultations are free of charge.

Arrested for DUI in Hanover New Jersey

The police in Hanover are active when it comes to DUI arrests. Over the one year period ending June 2015, 113 DWI offenses were filed in Hanover Municipal Court. This is a high number given the limited population (i.e. 13,712 residents) and size (10.72 square miles) of the municipality, although portions of Interstate 287, Route 10 and Route 24, run within its borders. All of these cases are heard at Hanover Municipal Court, 1000 Route 10, Whippany, NJ 07981, on Mondays at 5:00 p.m. Honorable Brian O’Toole presides over these proceedings with Andrea Contaldi serving as Court Administrator. Peter King is the prosecutor in Hanover Municipal Court. Your initial court appearance is going to be for arraignment, namely, to enter your plea to the charge. Attendance at all hearings in drunk driving matters are required absent a waiver by the court, something which is rarely accommodated without the assistance of an attorney.  You may refer to the official website of Hanover Municipal Court for additional information.

DWI Lawyer in Hanover Township

If you are in need of a DWI lawyer in Hanover, we certainly have the qualifications to effectively defend your charge. Our team is not only the largest but also has some of the most in depth training and experience you can find in the state. Our credentials in this area are certainly far from the norm and we are confident you will quickly appreciate the unique assets of our defense firm once you educate yourself. An attorney on our staff is prepared to discuss all of the circumstances surrounding your arrest in a free initial consultation. You are encouraged to contact us or call the Morristown Office at (973) 309-7050 to speak to a lawyer immediately.