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Sex Offenses

Sex Offense Defense Lawyers in Morris County NJ

Morristown NJ Sexual Assault Attorneys

Sex Offense Lawyer in Morris County New JerseySex crimes are one of the most heavily prosecuted and stigmatizing categories of criminal offense that a person can face in Morris County, New Jersey. Police, prosecutors, judges, and juries, all have little sympathy for sex offenders and law imposes extreme consequences for those convicted of any almost any form of sex offense. This is a primary reason why anyone facing this type of charge must mount their very best defense or they will be subject to rather unforgiving penalties. An attorney qualified in defending aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, lewdness and other varieties of sex cases is an absolute necessity and this is precisely what we can offer you at the Law Offices of  The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. Our experienced Morris County criminal defense lawyers possess both the skill and finesse necessary to effectively defend even the most complex sex charges. Our office has been representing Defendant’s charged with various sex offenses throughout Morris County in towns like Roxbury, Denville, Morristown, Parsippany and Boonton for over fifteen years.  If you would like to set up a consultation with one of the Morris County, NJ criminal defense lawyers on staff at the Law Office of Jonathan F. Marshall, please contact our Morristown Office at 973-309-7050. We can provide skilled representation in the defense of the following sex offenses:

Almost all of these charges involve felony offenses of the first, second, third or fourth degree. The most serious is aggravated sexual assault (a.k.a. rape) which is a first degree crime that results in up to twenty (20) years in prison. And even the charges at the other end of the spectrum of sex violations, public lewdness or promoting prostitution, have the potential to have devastating consequences as they show up on a criminal background check in the event of conviction.

Experienced Sex Offense Lawyers To Avoid Megan’s Law & Other Penalties

Anyone convicted of a sex crime must live with both the public stigma of being a sex offender, as well as some of the most extreme penalties provided under NJ Law. In most cases, a conviction will result in mandatory registration under Megan’s Law. This is what is commonly referred to as being a “registered sex offender.”  When someone falls under this law, they are not only subject to the possibility of a state prison sentence, but are also required to register for an absolute minimum of fifteen (15) years. This always necessitates reporting your residency and whereabouts with police but may also require notification of neighbors, schools, and placement on an internet registry that is open to the public. This is all the more reason to retain the best defense attorney you can afford.

Morristown NJ Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys

The repercussions of a sex conviction often follows an individual around for decades, if not life. This should serve to make all the more clear the importance of obtaining the best representation that you can before you or a loved one has their day in Morristown or elsewhere in the county.  Here at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall we have over 200 years of collective experience defending against sex crimes of all kinds and our team is even comprised of former prosecutors who know the ins and outs of each of these various offenses.  We are in this respect uniquely qualified to field each and every question and concern that you may have about the particulars of yours or your loved ones case.  If you or a loved one has been charged with one of these serious offenses in Morris county, do not hesitate to contact our Morristown Office today for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.